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Why it’s better to buy a new home vs. an existing home

1.  Closing Costs are Less, because New Homes aren’t Fully Assessed for Property Taxes,

        (taxes are based on the lot value the first year). 

        a)  Your Prorated Taxes collected at closing will be only 2 months of lot taxes,

             approx. $116.00 (compared to 7-8 months of full taxes on an Existing Home                                                                  

             if assessed at $400,000, tax escrow would be about $7,200.00        

        b) Your first year payment will be based on Lot Taxes, approx. $58.00/month

        c)  The Average Total Closing Costs on a new $400,000 home will be $2,500.00

        d)  Homeowner’s Insurance is less on a New Home.

        e)  Closing Costs on a New Home will be about $6,000 less than an Old Home.

        f)   new and backed by warranties, makes it less likely that you would

              need to pay for a Home Inspection (cost is based on square footage).

2.  New Homes are Built More Energy Efficient by Government Regulation,

        Saving You Money for Utility Costs.  Building Codes regulating Insulation, House

        Wraps, Windows, Furnaces and Air Conditioners, have been increased gradually,

        since 2003.  Thus, homes built in 2003 are significantly more energy efficient than

        homes built in previous years. Codes increased incrementally in 2006 & 2009.      

3.  Everything is NEW … Furnace, AC, Appliances, etc., and all are more energy   

        Efficient.  Whereas, when a home gets to be 10-15 years old, you’ll be looking at

        repairing and/or replacing items, such as the water heater, roof, HVAC, etc. (For people

        with allergies it’s nice to know there have been no pets or smokers domiciled there.)

4.  All Finishes/Decorating are Done in the Latest, state-of- the-Art Colors and

        Trends. At about age 10 of a home, the tile, carpet, granite, paint will become dated,

        worn, and out-of-style.  Keep in mind the older colors may be okay for you now, but in

        about 3-5 years or when you re-sell, they may be too dated. Replacing these items could

        easily cost $40,000 - $50,000 (yikes)

5.  New Homes are Backed by Warranties for Your Peace of Mind. Because things are new,       

        It is unlikely to incur expenses on repairs, for many years. If something does go wrong, you

        Would have the protection of the Builder’s and the Manufacturer’s Warranties. 

6.  Lastly, It is Better to Buy a New Griffin Home -- they are priced Very competitively.   

       We accomplish this by keeping Overhead Costs Low, but we don’t Sacrifice Quality. If                     

       Other builders are priced Lower, they usually have fewer amenities or have cut corners.

       A New Griffin Home is the Best Buy!

       You’ll work directly with the Builder and you’ll have our cell phone numbers.

       We like to talk with our Home Buyers!